Dulan (Wirajith) Lokunarangodage
3 min readAug 20, 2021


10 days with my 3 interns — part 01

ZERO to NERO — 01

On Tuesday(15th of June) afternoon, I got a call from my Team Lead.

TL:- Dulan we have an upcoming project from X company. We are planning to start the project on Friday. And I want a small help from you.

Me:- Yes bro. What do you want from me?

TL:- I’m planning to involve our 3 interns in this project. So can you give a small KT to them?

Me:- Yes bro sure.

That’s how this session started. And I got the things which I want to give a KT to my interns from Team Lead. For this session, I had only 3 days. So I want a good plan for this.

There had a great slogan.

Be the SENIOR you needed when you are a JUNIOR

When I was a junior, what I preferred from my seniors was giving me basic knowledge and guiding me to get sound knowledge. Simply it is 0 to hero level. From here I am sharing what I’ve done with my interns (my team).

I planned to give the knowledge about,

  1. How does React work?
  2. Component concept
  3. Props in react
  4. Functional components
  5. Hooks (including Custom hooks)
  6. Routing using react-router-dom
  7. Axios
  8. Redux Toolkit

But before that, I want to understand their knowledge. So I scheduled a meeting with them. When I was with them, I understood I had to change my plan. Their familiar languages were Java, C#, Python, and C. So the first thing which I had to do is encourage them about web development. Then I must talk about the fundamentals of web development with them.

I started the KT session with them as a friend. Because I know if I want their full strength, I must be with them always. This was a good thing I learned from my university. If your senior is a good friend, you are always asking about the problems about which you don’t know. So I used this strategy in my plan. And finally, I got good results also.

Firstly we talked about the web development fundamentals, then I talked about what is a web framework? famous web frameworks in the world. And why have we wanted to learn a web framework like React?.

Now they are in a comfort zone about web development frameworks. So I realized now is the time to start with the component-based structure.

Now my plan is going well. I piqued their curiosity. Curiosity is one of the best learning strategy. Now they are asking questions from me. And I was always happy because they were learning something from me. Within 4 hours we covered the theories and practicals about,

The web fundamentals
React.js structure
How does React.js work
Component concept
Atomic design
What are the functional components and why do we want them?
Props with the functional component
routing using react-router-dom
make HTTP requests using Axios
basics of redux using the redux toolkit

I explained all the things with my best. Because my final ambition was giving all the things to them which I have self-learned. My team grabbed all the things except the redux things. It was very hard to explain to them. I think it was my fault for not being able to teach them that clearly. Because I didn’t get a very good example to explain that.

Now my part is over 40%. The basic knowledge is given to them. Then I had to start the other part. It is, guiding them to get sound knowledge with their own experience.

End of the first day they got an assessment from me. It was a to-do app with two pages without using the redux toolkit. On the first page, the user can add to-dos. And the second-page user can view the to-dos

EOD I get few things to my carrier,

The freshers always have curiosity. But they don’t ask questions always. But if you be a good friend to them, they always questioning the things

So as a Senior, always be a GOOD FRIEND to your Juniors.