Dulan (Wirajith) Lokunarangodage
4 min readAug 29, 2021

10 days with my 3 interns — part 02

On the morning of the second day, I scheduled a meeting with my team.

Me:- Hi guys what's going on? 

TM 1:- Hi bro, still I'm doing the to-do app. Sorry for the late.

Me:- No worries bro. Can you share the status of the project?

I know this is hard for them. But I want them to try this. Any beginner can’t do a to-do app only with a 4–5 hours KT session.

TM1:- Dulan I have a problem with routing. I tried many things. I also go through the documentation. But still, I have the routing issue. Me:- Cools bro. Can you share the screen and show the place where you are in trouble?

The best experience I shared with them was, if you are a fresher, always go through the documentation. Because if we go through the documentation, we can stop 5 hours of debugging. I’m very happy. They are following my good points.

I went through his code and was given a quick session again about routing using react-router-dom. And then he recognized the problem in his code.

TM2:- Bro on my side, I had a problem in viewing the to-dos page. I completed the adding to-dos section.Me:- Sure bro. Can you also share the screen and show the place where you are in trouble?

When I went through the code, I understood the problem was in the props section. Again I gave a quick session on React props. And I guided them to do the project again.

I know this is very hard for my team. This is just like, firstly I’m giving a session to the team about how to swim and then giving a chance to them to study practically how to swim. If you think it is unfair to them, remember I’m always with them when they want help from me.

And I’m happy to say, my team is trying to swim. Still, they are not sunk. They are getting experiences.

TM3:- Dulan I'm still going through the react and typescript documentation. So give me time to do this.Me:- no worries bro. Did you have any struggling points?TM3:- No bro. Before doing the project, I want to go through the documentation. After that, I'll finish the assessment.Me:- Sure bro. If you have any difficult points, please let me know.

Now you are thinking TM3 is lying to me. But remember, there have mainly 2 categories of people

  1. People who learn while working
  2. People who finish their studies and work

So think again about the TM3. I think he is in the second category.

After that, I give a small session about version control using Github. Then I ask them to make a repository and push the code to GitHub and add me as a contributor to review the code.

I finished the meeting and let them work. Sometimes they message me to clarify things. Somehow step by step they are learning the React framework.

In the evening I scheduled another meeting to know about the progress. In that meeting, I knew they had done their project. But they have an issue viewing the to-dos. I recognized that it was time to teach again about the redux framework.

Now they have experience with the local state. And then I explained the volubility of the global state. And I explained the redux framework step by step with the coding session.

Now my team have small experience in,

Web fundamentalsReact.js structureHow does React.js workAtomic designFunctional componentsProps with the functional componentrouting using react-router-dom

End of the second day my team had a one-page to-do application. Their next assessment was a to-do app with two pages using the redux toolkit. On the first page, the user can add to-dos. And the second-page user can view the to-dos

EOD I get few things in my life.

There have mainly 2 categories of people

1. People who learn while working

2. People who finish their studies and work

So don’t blame anyone. Let them try with their comfort zone.