How to set up a free MongoDB database on Mongo Atlas

Dulan (Wirajith) Lokunarangodage
3 min readAug 18, 2022

MongoDB Atlas provides an easy way to host and manage your data in the cloud. This tutorial guides you through creating an Atlas cluster, connecting to it, and loading sample data.

This guide explains how to quickly setup a free MongoDB database on Mongo Atlas. You can learn more in the Mongo Documentation.

  1. Login to Mongo Cloud and Create Organization for add projects.

2. Create a project in the Organization

3. Add members to the Project

4. Then click on Build a Database button

5. Select FREE plan. It has

i) 512MB to 5GB of storage

ii) Shared RAM

6. Create a Shared Cluster

We need a cluster to create our database. A shared cluster in MongoDB is a collection of datasets distributed across many shards (servers) in order to achieve horizontal scalability and better performance in read and write operations.

Give a cluster name and click on Create Cluster

7. Now we create the cluster. And this is the place which we adding security features for the cluster

i) Firstly create a user for authenticate to cluster

ii) Then add Network Access to the cluster

Atlas only allows client connections to a cluster from entries in the project’s IP Access List. Each entry should either be a single IP address or a CIDR-notated range of addresses

8. When you are click on Finish and Close, you can see this popup. Now you are successfully created the cluster. Then you redirect to the dashboard

Hooray !!! Congratulations you have successfully created your first cluster 😎

9. This is the Organization cluster dashboard. Your organization’s all clusters are available here.

10. When you are click on one cluster, you can view specific cluster dashboard.

11. To see all the databases which belongs to the cluster, go to Collections tab.

12. To create new database, click on Add My Own Data button and give needed informations.

13. Hooray!!! Now you created your first database in the cluster 😎